Fellows of Center for Media & Peace Initiatives are accomplished individuals in the area s of media and public policy. The primary objective of CMPI Fellows is to recognize the achievement of , excellence, and expertise of each fellow in different fields.

This international honorary association of noteworthy individuals are drawn from the academia, business, government, research institutions and organizations around the world.

CMPI Fellows become part of a think tank, producing new ideas, resources for other fellows and their projects, and provides a platform where they can grow and contribute to society.


Inaugural Fellows October 21, 2014

The CMPI Alumni

Center for Media & Peace Initiatives has become an important resource center for budding journalists and future leaders around the world. We host students from journalism, law, and public policy backgrounds for internships from different countries. So far we have hosted interns from – Japan, South Korea, China, Germany, and the United States. They constitute the CMPI Alumni Club. Through our educational activities and intensive writing lessons, these students improve their knowledge of journalism as a force for good during their stay at CMPI. In one of his visits to CMPI New York office to monitor his students, Prof. Kenichi Hatori of Keio University -( the oldest university in Japan) said: “CMPI is contributing to global conversation about peace and constructive journalism of contemporary times…”